Studies Show Polar Vortex Good for Budgeting

snowy cars on my street

snowy cars on my street

Ok…well the study was only done on me, and I was the one conducting it. But I live in the lovely Windy City…which tonight is the first time I’ve seen temperatures above zero since Sunday. Welcome to Polar Vortex 2014, people.

Now, these temps have made it so dangerous to get outside (10 minutes outside=risk of frost bite). But I’m sure most of you don’t live under a rock, and have already heard of this through the multiple media outlets. Anywho, tangent done–my point is I’ve been working from home the past two days which leads me to my Pros and Cons list of Polar Vortex!


  • My pipes have froze therefore making it nearly impossible to wash dishes, take a shower, and I have to finagle the toilet to get it to flush, TMI?
  • You all know I’m moving. My 280 square foot studio is filled to the brim with boxes. Therefore, I’m going stir crazy up in here!


  • Since the PV is forcing me to stay inside, I have spent ZERO real dollars! (I say real because I did order food with a gift card from Christmas. Merry Xmas to me.)

In conclusion, PV is good if you’re on a budget. So look on the bright side people, and just stay away from Internet shopping 🙂


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