Month Two Disappointment and the Birth of No Spend November

Can’t say I didn’t warn you… I did terrible this past month. 

My issue: not saying “No.”

I was able to save $0

And I paid $200.00 towards my credit cards.

My extra income was $26 from Plato’s Closet for returning clothes I no longer wear. Month Two’s results are disheartening. That’s altogether $213 less than September’s savings. 

Let me take you back to one year ago…when I got into a horrible car accident, but the money I received from my totaled car helped me pay off all my credit card debt. I received a car loan for my new vehicle and my credit score sky rocketed so much I received a new credit card with a $2,000 limit. I was going to use it to pay for my move from Tampa to Chicago and pay it off using the money my company gave me for relocation allowances in order to keep that credit score up. And, once the balance was back to zero, I’d have it on hand for emergencies.

Well, old habits die hard. Suddenly I was in a new city, with an abundance of things to do and places to see. I went on a vacation to LA and shopped, drank, and ate my little heart out. And soon, that card was maxed out.

Well, one year later the gravy train really went off the tracks…ya see, that big ol’ credit card had a 0% interest rate (for a year), a detail I forgot about until a YEARS worth of interest was slapped onto that card. My payments have nearly doubled and I’m seeing less of a decline in that balance.


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This past month, I went back to my old sneaky habits of sliding some money out of my savings account I worked so hard to grow. I’ll tell ya, it didn’t feel good. I’ll give myself one pat on the back–I haven’t used a credit card since this venture. And last month–I cut up that big nasty card. While it still has the highest balance, it also still has the most amount available for me to spend. 

Now, let’s get back to my “No” problem. My friend Jana recently visited me from Tampa and we discussed the idea she had of doing a ‘No-Spend November,’ I loved the idea! What perfect way to try to make a cushion for yourself before the holidays and learn some self discipline?! However, at the time I wasn’t fully embracing it, I mean, I have a blog about saving money…I haven’t grabbed a ‘just because’ Starbucks in over a month…and at least 4 out of 5 days of the week I’m bringing my lunch to work. Yes, they’re improvements, but it doesn’t matter if I’m blowing money away on tickets, dinners out, and the most terrifying of all–interest charges on those damn cards.


My dear friend, Jana and I 🙂

Taking a step back, I could learn a lot from a ‘No Spend November’, specifically the NO part. Yes, so far this month JD and I grabbed a dinner out before a movie and I paid to have a pizza delivered, but this is going to take some preparation and commitment. I’ll still do the $50/month for date activities…but no shopping. No coffee from the coffee shops. No paying for movies. No dinners out. And my first step–saying ‘No’ to an event at the Art Institute I REALLY wanted to go to. But, I’ll save my $25 for a ticket and Lord knows how much I’d spend in champagne while there…

So here it goes! While the men have their Mo-vember, I have my No Spend November 🙂 Let’s do this! Who’s joining me?! 


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